20 KM

The territory inside the " Parco Regionale Archeologico Storico Naturale delle Chiese Rupestri del Materano" extends in the area between Matera and Montescaglioso for 8 thousands ectars.
These two cities represent the vertexes situated in the North and South of the protected area.
Because of the conformation of the land the superficial water flowing are rare: Gravina creek flows through the park for 20 km.
The series "20 km" following the flow of the creek, tells about flora that shows with its rich variety of unique and rare species, and fauna, with signs and people's trace who lived and made this place of about 80 million years of history special.
This research has been interpreted through the study of the territory in a personal and introspective way, where places seem desert and surreal.

Ilaria Ferrara and Nicla Pisciotta